On Site Cooking with BBQ Pit
upon availibility and location

(50 people or more)
Call: (805) 240-3400

$12.75 plus tax per person, per plate
(add $2.00 per person for each additonal meat item)
(add $1.00 per person for each special side item)
(add $.75 per person for each additional salad item)
(Baby back ribs $23.00 per slab { feeds 3 to 4 people})



Choice of two (2) meats: Tri-Tip, Chopped De-boned Chicken, Chopped Pork, Spare Pork Ribs, Hot Links, Brisket, (Baby Back Ribs not included in two meat choice this is a separate cost.)

Choice of salad item (Coleslaw, Potato salad or Green salad)

BBQ Beans
Garlic Bread
BBQ Sauce

Specialty Sides (this is an extra cost if you want any of these sides)
    Collard Greens
    Portabella Mushrooms with sauteed onions and bell peppers
    Seasoned Pasta with or without BBQ Sauce

Pies: Pan pies $48 ea.(serves 30 people)                    
            9” round pies $10 ea. (serves 6 to 8 people)

Drinks: 1 canned soda and 1 bottled water $2.00 per person

Utensils,Plates and Napkins: $.60 per person

NOTE: We do not supply tables, tablecloths or chairs.

We will arrive 4 to 5 hours before the actual serving time to start cooking and preparing food. Please have someone available to meet us at the agreed time and location.

Depending on type of venue, determines if we will bring our 9'x20' trailer and 3'x7 bbq pit or just the bbq pit. Space is to be provided to accommodate either or both.

We can provide (2) 6 foot tables with white plastic table cloths and skirt or you can provide the tables and/or table cloths for the buffet table.

Our caterings are setup buffet style, meaning your guests serve themselves. It is not an all you can eat buffet. We guarantee all guest included in your headcount will get a first serving full course meal. Seconds not guaranteed. 

If venue requires parking fee, this will be added to your invoice (we travel with two vehicles).
Hired and/or volunteer clean-up help, valet attendants, bartenders, entertainers of any kind, extra guests and etc. are to be added to your total guest headcount when booking with our company if you are allowing them to eat from the buffet table.

It is your responsibility to make sure the venue where you have booked your event allows and can accommodate our trailer and BBQ pit. You will also need to advise us 5 days in advance if your booked venue requires our company to add them as an additional insured to our insurance policy.





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